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SHG Ingot (Zinc min. 99.995%)

Chemical Compositon

ComponentGuaranteed HZL Typical
Zinc (Zn)99.9950% Min 99.9960% Min
Lead (Pb)0.0030% Max 0.0020% Max
Copper (Cu) 0.0010% Max0.0003% Max
Cadmium (Cd) 0.0030% Max 0.0002% Max
Iron (Fe)0.0020% Max0.0010% Max
Aluminium (AI) 0.0010% Max 0.0001% Max
Tin(Sn) 0.0010% Max 0.0001% Max

Bundle Specification

SHG Zinc 99.995%HZL Typical
Ingot Weight25 kg each (+/- 2kg)
Bundle Weight 1000 kg each (+/- 50kg)
Bundle Configuration 4 ingots/layer x 10 layer
Bundle Dimensions 960 (+/-10) mm Length
470 (+/- 10) mm Width
475 (+/- 10) mm Height

Hindustan Zinc Special High Grade Zinc 99.995% conforms the following standards:

ASTM B6-SHG Z13001-Grade
BS EN 1179:2003-ZI-Grade
ISO 752:2004-ZN-Grade

Hindustan Zinc's Special High Grade Zinc has 4 LME registered brands

"HZL SHG 99.995%"
"HZL Zn SHG 99.995%"
"VEDANTA SHG 99.995%"
"VEDANTA Zn SHG 99.995%"

Slab Dimensions and View

Physical Specifications : All Dimensions in mm

Bundle Dimensions & View

Physical Specifications : All Dimensions in mm