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Hindustan Zinc Die Casting Alloy 3

Chemical Compositon

ComponentHZL Typical
Aluiminium (Al) 3.9-4.2%
Magnesium (Mg) 0.035-0.060%
Copper(Cu) 0.0300% Max
Iron(Fe) 0.0050% Max
Lead (Pb) 0.0030% Max
Cadmium(Cd) 0.0010% Max
Tin(Sn) 0.0010% Max
Nickel(Ni) 0.0010% Max
Zinc(Zn) Balance

Bundle Specification

HZDA3 (Bundle Specification)
Ingot Wt. kg 9 Kg each (+/- 0.5 Kg)
Bundle Wt. Kg1000 Kg each (+/- 0.50 Kg)
Bundle configuration8 ingot per layer*14 layer
Bundle Dimension 890 (+/- 10)mm, 440 (+/- 10)mmm 550(+/- 10)mm
HZDA is a Zinc Casting alloy with Aluminum, Magnesium & Copper especially developed for hot chamber Die-Casting process. Zinc die-casting is an outstanding choice for countless decorative and functional applications. Due to its unique physical and mechanical properties, Zinc Die-Casting alloys can be cast into virtually limitless shapes and sizes ranging from simple toy cars to complex connector housings

  • Excellent Castability
  • Long term dimensional stability
  • Excellent finishing characteristics for plating,
    painting and chromate treatments