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EPG Ingot (Zinc min. 99.997%)

Chemical Compositon

ComponentHZL Typical
Zinc (Zn) 99.997% Min
Iron (Fe) 0.0005% Max
Lead (Pb) 0.0010% Max
Copper (Cu) 0.0005% Max
Tin (Sn) 0.0005% Max
Aluminium (AI) 0.0005% Max

Bundle Specification

EPG SHG Bundle
Ingot Weight 25 kg each (+/- 2kg)
Bundle Weight 1000 kg each (+/- 50kg)
Bundle Configuration 4 ingots/layer x 10 layer
Bundle Dimensions 960 (+/-10) mm Length
470 (+/- 10) mm Width
475 (+/- 10) mm Height
What is EPG SHG Zinc?

EPG SHG Zinc is a grade of Zinc used specifically by electro-platters. The unique quality about this product grade is that, it is of min 99.997%purity, an essential requirement is zinc electroplating where low impurity is required. Electro- platting is done on screws and light fasteners, light switch plates and other parts used in automobile fittings, cycle industry, electronics and construction activity.

How to identify EPG SHG 99.997% grade Zinc of HZI

Look for the hologram sticker

Each ingot is marked as EPG Zinc with hologram on the sides

"Prefer EPG SHG for zinc electroplating use over SHG to get better quality plating".

Slab Dimensions and View

Physical Specifications : All Dimensions in mm