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Continuous Galvanizing Grade Zinc Jumbo

Chemical Compositon

ComponentGuaranteedHZL Typical
Aluminium (Al)0.25 - 0.85 (+/- 0.05) % 0.25 - 0.85 (+/- 0.05) %
Lead (Pb)0.0070 % Max0.0030%
Copper (Cu) 0.0100 % Max 0.0005%
Cadmium (Cd) 0.0100 % Max0.0005%
Iron (Fe)0.0075 % Max 0.0030%
Tin (Sn) _ 0.0005%
Zinc Balance Balance

Bundle Specification

Weight 1000 kg each(+/- 50kg)
Length 1255(+/-10) mm
Width 510(+/-10) mm
Height 300(+/-10) mm
CGG Alloys are customized Zinc-Aluminium alloys efficiently designed to deliver stable Aluminum content in the bath. The Aluminum content in the alloy is matched exactly to the varying customers needs with less dependence on operator’s skill and technique to control Al content in bath.

We have customized CGG also. Please contact helpdesk for the enquiry.

Slab Dimensions and View

Physical Specifications : All Dimensions in mm