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Silver Powder

Chemical Compositon

Silver (Ag) 99.99% Min
Antimony (Sb)0.0020% Max
Lead (Pb) 0.0020% Max
Copper (Cu) 0.0020% Max
Iron (Fe) 0.0020% Max
Bismuth (Bi)0.0015% Max
Zinc (Zn)0.0020% Max
Selinium (Se)0.0001% Max
Telurium (Te) 0.0002% Max
Calcium (Ca)0.0001% Max
Magnesium (Mg)0.0001% Max
Silicon (Si)0.0001% Max
Aluminium (Al) 0.0001% Max
Arsenic (As)0.0001% Max
Cadmium (Cd)0.0001% Max
Chromium (Cr)0.0001% Max
Cobalt (Co)0.0001% Max
Nickel (ni)0.0001% Max
Gold (Au)0.0001% Max
Platinium (Pt) 0.0001% Max
Palladium (Pd)0.0001% Max
Tin (Sn)0.0001% Max
Indium (In)0.0001% Max
Manganese (Mn)0.0001% Max